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Experience Music Together® 

The first years are critical in your child's development. Come experience a curriculum that supports cognitive, social, physical, emotional AND musical growth.   

CLICK HERE to learn more about brain development and Music Together.

Our class activities include singing, rhythmic chants, small and large movement and instrument play in an informal, developmentally appropriate setting that allows children and grownups to participate at their own pace. Our professionally trained educators will help adults understand how to interact and play musically with their child. This is a non-performance oriented program which emphasizes the learning process, rather than the product.

Music Together class can be attended from birth through age six, through all nine of our song collections. Following the recommendations of child development researchers, Music Together classes group children of a variety of ages because this fosters natural, family-style learning so bring the whole family for this important music experience.







Parents of children with special needs will learn from the insightful video below how Music Together can benefit their family. 




Families in financial need should contact MTBV Director Vicki DeMott for assistance.  Limited scholarship funds are available.



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189 West Street
Milford, MA
(route 140, across from Dairy Queen) 

(508) 377-3722 (call or text)